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Michael Ballé | Keynote speaker

Michael Ballé, Ph.D., is a business writer and executive coach and has studied lean transformations for the past twenty years. He is Associate Researcher at Télécom ParisTech's Projet Lean Entreprise and the co-founder of the French Lean Institute. He coaches CEOs and senior executives in using lean to radically improve their business' performance and establish a lean culture. He is the co-author of the Shingo-Prize winning trilogy The Gold Mine, The Lean Manager and Lead With Respect.

José Carlos Cappuccelli | CEO | thyssenkrupp Metalúrgica Campo Limpo

CEO of Thyssenkrupp Campo Limpo and member of the board of Sindipeças and Abipeças. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Industrial Administration, he has more than 30 years of experience in the auto parts industry, operating in the main markets of South America, NAFTA and Europe. During his professional career he had the opportunity to develop international projects, the first in Liechtenstein focused on the 6 Sigma tool and the second to start up a machining operation in Mexico where he was responsible for the plant during 9 years. After his return to Brazil four years ago, he faced a challenging scenario where he found in Lean tools the opportunity to reduce waste, improve competitiveness and business sustainability.

Francisco Gomes Neto | CEO | Marcopolo

Graduated in Electrical Engineering and specialized in Business Administration, Controllership and Risks. He has been with Marcopolo since August 2015, and before that he worked for 15 years at Mann Hummel, which in the last six and a half years were in the United States, and another 16 years at Knorr-Bremse in São Paulo.

Eduardo Lorenzo Castro | Corporate Management System | Embraer

Eduardo Lorenzo is responsible for Embraer's Business Excellence Program at a corporate level. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a postgraduate degree in Business Management from FGV. His carrer was built in the Quality deparments in several market segments. At Embraer he has been responsible for Corporate Quality for 18 years. Today, in Corporate Excelence he is responsable for the Corporate Management System certifications, business excellence implementation through the Lean philosophy, objectives deployment and organizational development in order to guarantee value to stakeholders in a structured and sustainable way.

Dr. Andreas Knierim | VP Demand Planning & Logistics | BOSCH

Logistics Vice President at Robert Bosch GmbH. , Automotive Aftermarket responsible for Latin America since 2014 graduated almost in another world - in scientific research as Physicist. Passing through various areas such as research, development, production and purchasing at large international companies (Bruker-AXS, Siemens and Bosch) he arrived at Logistics about 15 years ago. Looking to the recent years, when Lean Manufacturing gained more and more importance and success in production, in 2013 he adapted the Lean processes to the Physical Logistics. The idea was simple: to reduce costs and increase quality in logistics operations. Today this idea is a great success in Bosch's distribution centers worldwide and the flagship is the distribution center of Bosch Brazil, in Itupeva. Besides working at Bosch Brazil Dr. Knierim is Coordinator of the Logistics Working Group in Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) in São Paulo and Vice Chairperson at BVL International, "The Supply Chain Network" in Chapter São Paulo.

Flávio Rosso | Director | ZF do Brasil

Director of the “South American Commercial Vehicles Power Train Modules“ business unit and Director of ZF's Center for Excellence in Friction Materials. With a degree in Chemistry and Post Graduate at ESPM (Superior School in Advertisment and Marketing) in Marketing and MBA at FGV, he has more than 25 years in the chemical and auto parts industry, working in the main markets of South America, NAFTA, Europe and Asia. During his professional career he was able to lead global R&D projects applying 6 sigma concepts from the Headquarter in North Carolina, USA where he was in charge of the research and development laboratories of composites. Already in “ZF do Brasil“ he had the challenge to increase the competitiveness of the plant of São Bernardo do Campo to be able to export and to find the TOYOTA KATA along with the HR of the company was the key to develop the people connected to the process and all the leadership of the site In order to improve the company's culture in the sense of continuous improvement every day in search of excellence.

Peter Stephan | Partner & Co-founder | Digital Neonex

Peter Stephan is Senior Partner and co-founder of the Digital Neonex with experience in realization of Industrie 4.0 Use-cases within logistics, production planning, maintenance and asset management Development of digital product features and aligned business. Leading of international Industrie 4.0 consulting projects focusing Smart Factory and Smart Products, Dept. Head R&D Field of “Cyber-Physical-Systems” and Team Leader “Information Management”, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

Valter Pieracciani | Director partner | Pieracciani Desenvolvimento de Empresas

Businessman, consultant, researcher and writer. He’s a specialist in innovation management and competitiveness. In 1992 he founded Pieracciani Business Development, where he’s partner and director. He successfully implented more than 500 projects in diferent companies - leaders such as Nestlé, Embraer, Ambev, Tetrapak, Pirelli and Avon, among others. He was the general director of ABNT (Brazilian Assosiation of Technical Normatives) during the entity's historic recovery. For more than 10 years, he worked in the civic, state and federal governments. He started his career in 1978 in R&D. Author of the books "Usina da Inovação", "Qualidade não é mito e dá certo" and "A verdadeira Mágica"(all in portuguese). He is Senior Project Coordinator at CLAEQ (Latin American Center for Innovation, Excellence and Quality), Engineer, administrator, Master in Business Administration, postgraduate in Industrial Administration.

Paulo Celso Matthias | Logistics Operations Director | BASF

Business Administrator with specialization in Finance and Business Consulting and Master's degree from EAESP Fundação Getúlio Vargas. With a solid career built in Brazil and not abroad, for 32 years, in leading positions of areas such as: Business Controlling Management, Information Technology, Internal Corporate Audit, Supply Chain and Logistics, Mergers and Acquisitions in addition to global projects . Extensive experience in the chemical industry, especially in Supply Chain and Crop Protection Logistics, Products for Human and Animal Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals and Products for Home and Personal Care. He currently holds the position of Logistics Operations Director at BASF in South America.

Flávio V. Reis | Director Lean Manufacturing | Caterpillar

Flávio V. Reis holds a degree in Data Processing from FATEC-UNESP-SP and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, US. He is Lean Manufacturing director at Caterpillar Brasil, responsible for implementing the Lean methodology in Brazilian factories and offices, as well as at other sites in the corporation.Prior of this position, Flávio held many leadership positions at Caterpillar, such as Chief Operating Officer, Purchasing, Supply Chain, Perkins Managing Director in Curitiba, and other leadership positions in IT, Logistics, Logistics and Corporate Strategy. He lived in the United States for almost 2,5 years, working in the corporation's strategic consulting group. He has also worked in other companies, such as Goodyear, CETESB (Companhia de Tecnologia de Saneamento Ambiental – Environmental Sanitation Technology Company) and Itaú bank.

Ricardo Àvila | Industrial Director | Sabó Indústria e Comércio

He has 20 years experience in the Automative Supply Industry, and developed his career in Process Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Logistics. Currently he’s responsible for Sabó Industrial Operations in Latin America. Project Management of competitiveness in the strategic alignment of the organization is one among his main activities. Conducted outsourcing, spin-off, site selection and deployment of new manufacturing plants, automations, manufacturing cells transfer between sites, TPM management implementation programs, and complete management systems in manufacturing execution. In OEE efficiency leveraging, reducing direct and indirect manufacturing costs, develops lean manufacturing solutions, energy efficiency, implementation of collaborative robots and real-time management of results, going deep on the use of opportunities in Intelligent Factories installation following Industry 4.0 concept. He’s responsable for the budget construction and the management of the “Result of the Plants”, in the development of S&OP. Through the Organization's Quality Management Committee, he mobilizes maintenance of excellence as well as high standards in management, environmental and manufacturing systems, and also relations with governmental and regulatory entities.

José Rizzo | CEO | Pollux Automation

José Rizzo Hahn Filho is Founder and CEO of Pollux, a leading company in advanced manufacturing, robotics and Industrial Internet. He’s graduate in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University, and has been in the industrial automation field for 25 years representing the company and the country in several world technology forums. Selected in 2001 by Endeavor, Rizzo strongly supports the causes of entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil. He is currently President of the Brazilian Industrial Internet Association - ABII.

Wilhelm Goschy | Managing Director | Staufen AG

Wilhelm Goschy is as Board Member of the Staufen AG responsible for the development of the international consultant business. After education and work in Romania he studied Economics in Germany and England. At Porsche AG he gained extensive knowledge as a project controller and project manager with a profound understanding on manufacturing and assembly. Within the turnaround and in assistance of Japanese lean consultant Wilhelm Goschy was able to implement the effects of sustainable lean implementations. After many years as a project manager, he and his team in automotive and machinery at Staufen AG accompany customers on their way to BestPractice excellence.

Dr. Paulo Lima | General Manager | Staufen Táktica

Dr. Paulo Lima, CEO at Staufen Táktica, has started his career as a researcher in the area of automation in the CTI- Information Technology Center (Brazil), period that he concluded his MSC and PhD from the college of mechanical engineering at the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp). The postdoctoral at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - USA, in Lean production systems, offered the opportunity to provide masters and doctorate courses on Lean and how to execute Lean implementation projects in companies in the sectors of automotive, metal-mechanics and electronics. Since 2001 he has been working as a consultant in the area of manufacturing, providing process improvement of several companies in Brazil, USA, Europe and Asia.

Dário Spinola | General Manager | Staufen Táktica

Dário Spinola, Managing Director at Staufen Táktica, has been implementing Lean for 14 years in Brazil and China as well as delivering coaching, workshops and conferences in other countries. For Staufen.Táktica Lean Consulting he has worked with Alstom Hydro in China for 6 years and has directly managed the machines transformation from old factory to its brand new factory in Tianjin, under Lean and TPM approach. Also for Alstom Hydro, Mr. Spinola has provided coaching to: establish lean strategic planning, develop a lean production system for Alstom Hydro, he has established the framework and the Lean Engeneering audit for China, India and Brazil. In cooperation with Lean Enterprise China, Mr. Spinola is co-author of e-Learning training about TPM and has customized the Lean Kata course for China.

Fabio Silva | Principal | Staufen Táktica

Fábio Silva is a mechanical engineer by Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp), with a master's degree from the same institution in production engineering. The performance in Lean and Six-Sigma started in 2001, in projects inside and outside of Brazil. He was a consultant to companies like Dow, INA Shaffler and Volvo and industrial Manager in interim management projects. In 2007, he worked for 3 years at ALSTOM, Hydro Tianjin in Global Lean Transformation projects and in the development and relocation of industrial plants at ALSTOM China. Returning to Brazil he managed projects at Dow Automotive / Ford Camaçari and 3M Brazil. At the beginning of 2011, he joined the Votorantim Cimentos, where he was responsible for the Operational Excellence Program in 25 factories in Brazil. Reporting to the Brazil operations director was responsible for PMO (Project Management Office) in the execution of improvement projects and your financial management. Today as Senior Manager at Staufen Táktica, he concentrates his activities in several projects of transformation in the automotive industries, construction, metalworking, chemical and oil and gas companies such as Siemens, Tenda and Exterran.   

Adilson Ahvener | Principal | Staufen Táktica

Adilson Ahvener, Senior Manager at Staufen Táktica, began his career in Industrial Engineering, developing projects of industrial layout for the implementation of new production processes. Throughout his industry career, he has held various management positions in companies from automotive and electronics market, such as ABC Algar Group, Magneti Marelli and Johnson Eletric, working in areas of Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Processes and Industrial Maintenance. He has international experience in the implementation of industrial plants in Brazil, involving suppliers development and qualification, purchasing of direct and indirect materials, machinery, equipment and tools. He has actively participated in the implementation of Quality Management Systems according ISO 9000, ISO / TS 16949 and Lean Manufacturing. He started his consulting and teaching experience in 2006 in several Lean Manufacturing and Lean Office projects.

Andre Nascimento | Project Manager | Staufen Táktica

André Nascimento has working as a consultant for more than 10 years in different areas (direct and indirect areas) and working with clients from different segments inside and outside Brazil, such as: 3M, Alstom, BASF and Dow Chemical. Currently as Senior consultant at Staufen.Táktica, operates in lean transformation projects, helping companies to achieve significant results in increased performance, and affordability over the production and support processes.

Nilton Giachetta | Project Manager | Staufen Táktica

Nilton Giachetta, a Senior Consultant, has developed his career in the auto parts and hydraulics industry. In the auto parts sector, he started his career developing stamping processes and assembly series. As a Manager, he actuated initially, leading manufacturing and planning teams, coordinating the implementation of new planning, controlling and production management systems, based on the Theory of Constraints and Toyota Production System. His experience with Lean has accumulated a manufacturing management, leadership in the consolidation of the Lean Tools on the shop floor and the direction of projects at Eaton. In the hydraulic sector of the company, he actuated as plant manager with serial production environments and under order (projects), applying Lean tools to the value stream optimization.